Monday, September 17, 2012

Newspoll 50-50

According to the latest Newspoll, published in the Australian, if an election were held last weekend it could have gone either way. The debate is whether this was a rogue poll or evidence of a growing trend. I will let you decide. The latest Nielson poll (which I don't chart) also bounced for the Prime Minister (but not as far as Newspoll bounced).

Here is my complete set of Newspoll plots for the Rudd-Gillard epoch.


  1. Loving the graphs. If I'm not mistaken you made these w ggplot2 in R? Would be great if you shared the code on github and your data on google docs.

  2. Absolutely: R + ggplot2 (+ python + mysql + bash)

    I have posted slabs of my codebase in the past. To be honest, it's pretty rough and ready, and not in a state for publication on github.

    The Newspoll data is available from their website: and the Australian.