Thursday, May 21, 2015

Data and code for election 2016

I have made most of my data and code base available on Google Drive. Please note, this is my live code base, which I play with quite a bit. So, there will be times when it is broken or in some stage of being edited.

What I have not made available is the Excel spreadsheets into which I initially place my data. These live in the (hidden) raw-data directory. However, the collated data for the Bayesian model lives in the intermediate directory, visible from the above link.

The program that collates and organises the spreadsheets into a single CSV input file for the Bayesian analysis is There are two intermediate input files (at the moment): TPP-3-stage1.csv and TPP-all-stage1.csv. The first of these input files covers the most recent three months. The second of these input files is for all polls since the 2013 election.

The Bayesian model itself lives in the file TPP-step2.R.

The code for producing the plots lives in

The files that begin with the letter 'z' are bash shell scripts.

The most recent set of charts live in the graphs directory. I don't keep historical charts.

There are a handful of helper programs that live in the bin directory.

There are a couple files that I am working on in respect of a primary votes model. This is still a long way from finished.

If you see an error in my code or data, please drop me a line (comments below or email address in right hand column), and let me know. I can only improve with your help.

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