Friday, May 17, 2019

A quick tour of the betting markets

According to the betting markets, the Coalition has a 16.5 per cent probability of forming Government. Labor has an 83.5 per cent probability.

There has been some movement over the past week.

Morning Coalition Win Probability (%)
2019-05-10 18.0
2019-05-11 17.2
2019-05-12 15.8
2019-05-13 15.8
2019-05-14 16.5
2019-05-15 16.8
2019-05-16 19.6
2019-05-17 16.5

Turning to the individual seats at Sportsbet, there has been substantial movement over the past 24 hours.

Labor's chances of majority government have fallen to 96.9 per cent. The punters have not imagined the possibility of the Coalition forming majority government.

Turning to the individual seats, we can see substantial movement over the past 24 hours.

And, the all-in-one chart follows.

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