Monday, May 23, 2022

An early look at swings

With the count now approach 75% complete, any look at swings is subject to further change, nonetheless I thought it worthwhile to get a sense of what happened where.

In terms of the two-party preferred (2pp) vote, labor gained in all states except Tasmania. But note this is an early and incomplete count. The 2pp count is not as progressed as the first preference counts, nor the two-candidate preferred (2cp) counts. And the 2pp counts have not commenced in something like 26 seats. For each state they are only 50 to 60 per cent complete, with the count completion provided on the left hand side of this chart.

With the first preference votes for the Greens, the Greens improved their overall performance in every state.

The Coalition experienced a first-preference swing against it in every state.

Labor had a mixed performance, with three states increasing Labor's first preference share, and 5 states reducing it.

The United Australia Party managed positive swings in five states and negative swings in three states.

One nation had a positive swing in six states and a negative swing in two.

Everyone else (which includes the independents) had a positive swing in six states and a negative swing in two.

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